Instructions to Request a Case Transfer

Please send the below information via email to to submit a case transfer request.

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Basic Information

  1. Date*
  2. Borrower Name(s)*
  3. FHA/VA Case Number*

Lender/Requester Information

  1. Requesting Lender’s Name*
  2. Requesting Lender’s FHA/VA ID*
  3. Requesting Lender’s Sponsor/Agent ID (if applicable)
  4. Requester Name*
  5. Requester Phone*
  6. Requester Fax
  7. Requester Email*
  8. Sponsor ID (If Applicable)

Borrower’s Written Request*

Please attach the FHA/VA Case Transfer Request Form. It must be signed and dated. If you need a form, please download below.

For any questions, please email