Construction Loans

for your construction and lot financing needs

Build the home of your dreams! Our construction home loan programs are available for full construction and major additions with options for as little as 5% down payment.

Special Features of our Construction Home Loan Programs

  • Full structure construction and major additions
  • Owner-occupied, second home and investment properties
  • As little as 5% down payment
  • Upgrade contingency allowed and encouraged
  • Extended locks available on take out fi­nancing (up to 360 days!)
  • Interest-only options during construction
  • Purchase of the lot and the vertical construction can close simultaneously
  • Jumbo construction loan options
  • Options for Modular Homes – Not allowed for Manufactured Homes

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A construction loan is divided into draws for each phase of the construction process. The goal is to make progress payments to the contractor as work is completed. For example, building the framework and building the roof may be done with the funds from different draws. This is done to mitigate some of the lender’s risk. Call our experts today, to see if you qualify for a construction loan!