Mortgage Checklist

The Mortgage Checklist. The Process Is Simple!

Provide your Loan Officer with the documentation indicated within 5 days to begin the
application process. Here’s a checklist to help do just that.


  • Pay stubs: Most recent 30 day period
  • W-2’s and/or 1099’s: Most recent 2 year period
  • Tax returns: Most recent 2 year period (Include personal and business if applicable)


  • Bank statements: Most recent 2 months (ALL PAGES)
  • Retirement/Investment: Most recent 2 months or most recent quarterly (ALL PAGES)
  • Earnest Money Deposit: Will need proof of being taken out of account


  • Provide letters of explanation for any address variations, name variations, derogatory tradelines, etc, that may exist on the credit reports provided by CalCon Mutual


  • Renter: Name, address, and phone number of landlord for most recent 2 year period
  • Property owner: Provide recent mortgage statement, insurance statement, tax statement,
    and HOA statement – for each property owned
  • 2 forms of ID: Scanned copy of drivers license and either social security card or passport
  • Homeowner’s insurance: Name and number of agent to be used