Reverse Mortgage Myths

Are you interested in learning about a Reverse Mortgage?  If so, visit the OneTrust Senior Lending website, and request your FREE Information Kit to begin learning about how a Reverse Mortgage can change your life.  Below are a few myths that you probably hear about Reverse Mortgages, so we have gone ahead and put the facts down for you to learn.  Give us a call at 877-707-2050 to speak to a Reverse Mortgage Specialist today!  

MYTH: “The bank will take my home instead of it being left to my heirs.”

FACT: The home becomes part of the estate and will remain so upon the death of the borrower. The heirs can choose to refinance the Reverse Mortgage to a standard mortgage and keep the house or choose to sell the home to pay off the Reverse Mortgage and keep the remaining equity.

MYTH: Proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage is viewed as income, affecting Social Security and Medicare income.

FACT: A Reverse Mortgage does not affect Medicare or Social Security benefits.

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