Alternative Home Financing Solutions

When you don't fit into the square of traditional home financing, we have loan programs to help you reach your goals. These are called our portfolio home loan programs.

What is a portfolio mortgage?

Portfolio mortgages are originated by us, the lender, and then we service them for the entire life of the loan. Typically, a lender might sell your loan to a larger bank after funding to manage the monthly mortgage payments, but for our special portfolio programs, we service your mortgage payment for the life of your loan.

What advantages are there with a portfolio loan?

Because we aren't selling your loan to a larger bank, we can establish qualification criteria for our loan programs without having to abide by strict industry standard guidelines. When a unique scenario arises, we have a committee that reviews and makes the final decision on your home financing scenario.

This means we can offer more programs for those that may have had trouble fitting into the box of traditional home loans. We offer unique programs tailored for investors, business owners, vacationers, and more!

Bridge Home Loan Program

Our specialized program allows you to buy your new home and worry about selling your old home later. Qualify for a new home loan, avoid two mortgage payments, and sidestep the extra costs of temporary housing.

Fix & Flip Loan Program

This short-term business loan helps you to purchase and rehab a home. Interest-only options are available with limited documentation required.

Bank Statement Loan Program

If you don’t work the standard nine to five, we’ll consider your business and personal bank statements in lieu of W-2’s or regular payroll checks.

Construction Home Loans

Construction loans allow you many options: build a home on the land you already own or buy the land and build a home with just one mortgage.

Lot & Land Loans

Finance your lot or land purchase to build your dream home.

Condo Hotel Financing

Finance a second home or investment property with resort-like amenities.