Mortgage Lender Donates to Hurricane Harvey Hero for Home Rebuild

OneTrust Home Loans, a leading mortgage lender with a local branch in Houston, TX, donated $33,450 in home repairs to United States Marine Corps veteran Dexter Gasery for his heroic efforts during the Hurricane Harvey disaster.

During the disaster, Gasery went above and beyond to help his local neighbors. He rescued an elderly woman and her dogs from her home, escorted a family of five to the main road outside of the flooded Laura Koppe neighborhood, and coordinated efforts with police and firefighters to identify those that required medical attention amongst the sheltered at the local school. Gasery also assisted local authorities in combing the area to find those that needed rescue. During the search he discovered a mother and her 18-month old baby and brought them to safety.

The donation will go towards rebuilding Gasery’s home, which experienced severe damage due to the hurricane. The OneTrust Home Loans leadership team, including CEO Josh Erskine, and contractors participating in the rebuild, visited Gasery’s home late last month to present the donation check.

OneTrust Home Loans donates to Hurricane Harvey Hero
OneTrust Home Loans donates to Hurricane Harvey Hero

Ian Milefchik, Mortgage Loan Originator at the Houston branch, presented Gasery to the OneTrust Home Loans executive team as a nominee for the company’s Hurricane Harvey Hero program. Milefchik assisted Gasery purchase his first home in the summer of 2016. After seeing a post shared by Gasery on social media, Milefchik reached out to offer a helping hand to salvage whatever was left of Gasery’s home. Shocked at the level of devastation Gasery’s home endured, Milefchik recalled how excited Gasery was when he first purchased the home. After witnessing Gasery’s grateful attitude at being able to have helped others during the hurricane, Milefchik was compelled to find a way to help Gasery rebuild his home and nominated him for the program.

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