Mortgage Sales Leader Jeff Wagner Recognized for Video Marketing Techniques

Jeff Wagner, OneTrust Home Loan’s Vice President of National Sales Support, was asked to speak at market leader BombBomb’s, First-Ever Real Estate and Mortgage Video Summit on May 8-9, 2019.

Wagner, with a background in advertising and an impressive sales career, was an early adopter of BombBomb, a video marketing platform, in hopes that the technology would help him build deeper relationships with his clients and business partners. Understanding that time is limited, but recognizing the impact of a face-to-face encounter, he implemented the technology quickly into his every day routines to explore the possibilities and the impact it could have on his business. Very quickly Wagner realized its power – the increased response and engagement from his clients and business partners resulting in the growth of his business. Today BombBomb has become a staple in everything Wagner does, and is a tool deeply enmeshed in his personal brand.

In response to being invited to speak as an advocate of the technology at the event in Denver, Colorado Wagner stated, “I feel very honored that they chose me as one of the top video influencers in the country, and I’m excited to speak. To be mentioned in BombBomb’s latest book, Re-Humanize Your Business, is also quite the compliment, and I hear it’s on its way to bestseller status. My biggest piece of advice is to not overthink the technology, it will differentiate you and help you create your own brand.”

BombBomb is a video marketing platform aimed to make it easy for consumers to build relationships with their clients through videos. They were founded by Darin Dawson and Conor McCluskey in 2006 with the mission “BombBomb makes it easy to build relationships through email, text, and social media.” In a year, their clients send 126,000,000 minutes of video through their platform and are used in 42 countries around the world. BombBomb also released a book in 2019, Rehumanize Your Business written by Ethan Beute and Stephen Pacinelli which they feature Wagner and his marketing efforts using BombBomb.

As a national sales leader for OneTrust Home Loans, Wagner encourages his team to implement new marketing technologies to better their business, build their brand, and improve their level of customer service. He hosts monthly sales team contests and encourages a sales team culture of fun, competition and collaboration.

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