OneTrust Home Loans CEO Joshua Erskine Recognized Among HousingWire’s 2018 Rising Stars

Earlier this month, HousingWire recognized OneTrust Home Loans CEO Joshua Erskine among its annual Rising Stars list of young leaders to watch in our industry. This is Josh’s first year as a finalist and the fifth year that HousingWire has recognized the innovative talent that is propelling our industry forward, and the nominations grow more competitive every year.

These 46 winners represent a variety of occupations within the housing industry, but all of them demonstrate leadership and innovation that inspire not only those within their own organizations, but also in their communities and in the industry at large.

“This year’s Rising Stars list represents the only independent award for young professionals in the mortgage space,” said Jacob Gaffney, editor-in-chief of HousingWire. “It’s a comprehensive snapshot of who’s who in our business and the most impressive list to date.”

In response to the announcement, Josh said, “I’m honored and incredibly humbled to see that years of hard work has been recognized by a distinguished publication like HousingWire. To start, I have to recognize my brother, Shane Erskine, who is our President and has been my partner in the mortgage business dating back to 2005.  I do not do any of this alone.  I also want to say thank you to our entire team at OneTrust Home Loans who have worked tirelessly over the last few years since staring OneTrust to help recognize our vision. This is a difficult business and it takes a lot of very dedicated people to accomplish what we are accomplishing in this space.  I know we’ll continue to see improvement and growth with each passing year, we are already off to a great start in the first five months of 2018.”

About OneTrust Home Loans

OneTrust Home Loans is a privately-owned direct lender and servicer with sales and operations across the country.  OneTrust’s model is similar to a bank, using its own capital to build its balance sheet of quality, sensible, loans in addition to the standard loan options, including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo and more. OneTrust Home Loans places special importance on customer service as evidenced by their tagline, Service is everything!® For additional information visit

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