OneTrust Senior Lending Announces the Opening of their Client Relationship Center (CRC) in Chandler, Arizona

The CRC provides an exceptional customer service experience for our senior clients by focusing the client’s ability to ask questions in talking to a reverse mortgage loan specialist regarding their options and offers choices on how they prefer to do business with us.

San Diego, California (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

OneTrust Senior Lending, a mortgage banker out of San Diego, California, announced today the opening of their Client Relationship Center (CRC) in Chandler, Arizona. The CRC is an inbound call center operated by OneTrust Senior Lending to provide incoming call product support and information inquiries from potential borrowers. The CRC is a central point of the organization from which all customer contacts are managed. Calls are answered by a live person and are routed to appropriate people as part of the company’s CRM system. Clients have the ability to contact OneTrust by telephone, email, web site, and fax.

“With our national platform, it only makes sense that we embrace the direct-to-consumer model through the opening of our Client Relationship Center. This is the future of mortgage lending. With this strategic move, we provide the customer more mortgage options, faster processing times and more advanced technology to get their loan closed timely unlike the larger banks,” said Josh Erskine, CEO of OneTrust Senior Lending. “In addition, our sales team can close more business with our marketing automation technology. It makes it simple to deploy a flexible and easy-to-update application to fulfill sales’ changing needs.”

The customer experience landscape in the mortgage businesses is changing rapidly. Customers across demographic groups display a preference for enhanced self-service tools linked with online support. OneTrust Senior Lending understands the framework needed to validate the customer experience in a world of mobile applications by building a unique process within the CRC to support multiple types of inbound communications concurrently.
Doug Helvig, Director of Call Center Operations stated, “Our loan specialists are courteous, knowledgeable, have a sincere concern for the customer and provide timely resolution to requests. The CRC technology is extraordinary and provides our sales team the ability to respond more effectively, efficiently, and intelligently due to capabilities such as:

  • Routing calls directly to our loan specialists, with no VRU, ensuring the inbound caller gets connected to a live person.
  • Increased close rates with integrated CRM features that drive consultative dialogue.
  • Passive web site visitors turn into active phone conversations.
  • Performing quicker on corporate-directed leads through an expedited assignment process.
  • Turns a centralized environment with greater controls to remain above the competition through increased client satisfaction.

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