Purchasing a Home with Your Partner Before Marriage

You and your partner are preparing to begin a life together. You’re thinking about the next steps in life, getting married, buying a home with your spouse, and starting a family. However, these days many are reconsidering the logic behind the traditional order of events. Maybe you’re wondering, “Wouldn’t it make more sense to purchase Read Full Story >>

10 Patio Furniture Trends of 2018

A patio is a great way to add character to your home, and it creates a great outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. Make it more fun and appealing and incorporate new design ideas! Here are ten of the top patio furniture trends of 2018. 1. Add a Ceiling Fan If you have Read Full Story >>

How to Keep Your Pets Happy During a Big Move

Moving is always stressful for pets. Picking up and moving from one home to another changes everything about their world from how it smells to who they’ll meet and how they’re expected to behave. You can sit down and explain the move to them, but sweet as your pets are, we simply don’t speak the Read Full Story >>

8 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easy This Year

With spring already here, everyone is getting restless. As the weather begins to warm up, most people feel an urge to throw open the windows and air out the stuffiness that comes with sealing up homes to keep them warm in the winter. This energetic thrill and desire to spruce up the home during the Read Full Story >>

7 Home Energy-Saving Tips for the Winter

The winter months are upon us and homeowners already know that a drop in temperature is always accompanied by an increase in energy cost. Most have probably seen the difference in their heating and electricity expenses already as the average homeowner will experience a 35% increase in energy costs during winter months. However, by making Read Full Story >>

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