FHA Makes Mortgages More Affordable For Hundreds of Thousands of Families in the U.S.

The FHA loan program offers two key benefits to homebuyers (1) smaller down payments and (2) more flexible qualifying guidelines, when compared to a regular “conventional” loan.

If you use a FHA loan to purchase a home, your down-payment could be as low as 3.5% of the purchase price. With a conventional loan mortgage you will have to make a larger downpayment – probably in the 5% – 10% range.

Additionally, the guidelines for a FHA approval are less stringent than those for conventional loans. This is why borrowers who have been declined for conventional financing can often get approved through the FHA program The smaller down payment, easier qualification process, the setback to qualify for a regular conventional loan, the lower credit scores, and lower income make the FHA loan program so popular.

OneTrust Home Loans is an approved FHA Direct Endorsement Lender. We are offering a $1,000 closing credit to the first 500 borrowers and $500 or the next 1,000 borrowers who want to take advantage of this significant savings. For complete mortgage loan program details and to find out if you qualify, contact us today at 888-488-3807 or click here.

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