Author: Micaela Rodriguez

What You Need to Know About Property Taxes

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities as well as certain recurring costs every year, one of which will be your property tax bill. This one tends to catch new homeowners by surprise, so don’t let this be the case for you! Read on to learn more. Property taxes are a primary source … Continued

Top 3 Stores for Affordable Home Décor

Whether you just moved into your new home or simply need a change, you probably don’t have a TON to spend on revamping your home’s interior, but it’s oh so needed! Thing is, it’s hard to make upgrades around the home without dropping some serious dough. Having just recently moved into a new condo and … Continued

Buying Your Dream Home with Student Loans

For many Americans, buying their dream home is a major life milestone, much like earning their college degree. Unfortunately, with the substantial cost to attain a higher education, Americans have piled up a whopping $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, putting this dream seemingly out of reach for years to come. According to a study … Continued

3 Summer Projects That Can Add Value to Your Home

Spring is a wonderful time for homeowners, the flowers are blooming and lawns are growing. Many homeowners jump right into spring cleaning and start preparing for a few projects around the home. With summer only six weeks out, it’s time to finalize those plans and get started on the DIY projects that will add value … Continued

5 Tips for Saving in Your 20’s and 30’s

Saving money in your 20’s and 30’s should be a top priority for millennials – but many seem to start off on the wrong foot. Nearly 50% of young millennials (in their early 20’s) have $0 in savings, live paycheck to paycheck, and have the loom of student loan debt hanging over their heads. If … Continued

5 Terms All Homeowners Should Know this Tax Season

Tax time is just around the corner! Are you considering all of the possible advantages available to you as a homeowner? Whether you bought or sold a home this year or you have an existing mortgage, there are several tax deductions or credits that you may qualify for. Taking advantage of these deductions can help … Continued