How the Mortgage Industry Works

Not only is buying a home the largest single purchase most families make, it is also one of the most complicated. That is why the average home buyer depends on a network of housing professionals to help guide them through this cumbersome process. Real estate companies, loan originators, loan underwriters, appraisal firms, primary lenders and secondary mortgage institutions all have a stake in the selling and financing of our nation’s homes.

The home builder focuses on building a home a buyer is willing to pay for. The real estate agent’s primary motivation is to market a home for the quickest possible sale. The lender in the transaction makes money by financing the residential purchase in as secure a manner as possible. Determining market value of the home is the priority of the appraiser. Generally, a lender is the first point of contact for a consumer interested in purchasing a home followed by talking to a real estate agent. Most home buyers depend on these industry professionals; a lender to advise them about their financing options followed by the real estate agent to locate a home that meets their needs.

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