Open House Advice

Attending an Open House is serious business. Remember that an Open House is a sales tool that homeowners use to market their homes. To help keep your focus, keep in mind the following:

• Bring a notepad and map so you can mark each home’s location and note its special features.

• Pick up a listing sheet whenever one is available. After a day of open houses, you may find that a home has more or less appeal than you initially thought.

• Pace yourself. Visiting too many homes without a break and you’ll start missing details.

• If you are going to look at a lot of houses, take breaks. See three homes in the morning, then stop and have lunch. See three more, then stop and do something else. See three more in the evening and call it a day.

• Bring a camera and snap pictures of the houses that appeal to you. Grab photocopied pictures if they are available.

• Make a rough sketch of the floor plans of the homes you are considering.

• Remember, there are no foolish questions. One question about pipes, heating or cooling systems, taxes, or recent repairs may lead to other questions. You may find areas of concern about a specific property that looked trouble-free. It’s far better to know about a home’s problems before you buy than it is to discover them once you own the property.

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