Spring Around the Home

Spring has finally arrived! Well, who am I kidding… the weather here in San Diego is amazing all year round. But for those of you who have been trapped inside your homes keeping warm all winter long, it’s time for you to get back outside and start enjoying the weather again. While this all sounds like gravy, it also means it’s time for some spring cleanup around the home. Despite currently living in California, I spent 21 years growing up in Connecticut where we would need stay on top of spring repairs. Repairs may consist of anything from grabbing some paint to retouch the cracks on your deck to grabbing the ladder and climbing on up to clean out the gutters. Read on for our top 5 spring maintenance tips that may help you avoid larger repairs down the road.

1. Inspect your roof

Water damage can get pretty expensive. The first line of defense against water damage is your roof, which makes this a very important item to keep in great condition. If you see any of the following problems, it’s time to call a pro roofing company or head to the store for some new shingles and roofing caulk.

  • Cracked caulk
  • Shingles that are buckling or curling
  • Missing shingles
  • Masses of moss

2. Clean your gutters

The sole purpose of gutters is to direct rain away from your home. In order to keep them working properly, these should be cleaned out every year, if not more (depending on the location of your home). Below are some issues clogged gutters can cause, so grab the ladder, and get cleaning!

  • Water leaks into the house
  • Water damming which will cause damage to eaves
  • Standing water, creating a perfect breeding location for bugs

3. Clean decks, driveways, and fences

Do you have a pressure washer? If so, that’ll make this maintenance task super easy! If you don’t own one, borrow one from a neighbor or head down to the local hardware store and rent one for the day. Spray down your deck, driveway and fence to keep them looking brand new. If you come across any peeling paint on your deck or fences, now is the time to touch it up and keep it protected from the elements.

4. Check your power equipment

It’s time to break out the lawn mower and any other outdoor power equipment that you may use, and take it down to the local shop or have a fun DIY afternoon, to get them ready for spring cleanup. Below are a few maintenance ideas for your lawn mower. If you don’t know how to do it, bring it down to a shop and let them know what you need done.

  • Remove any dirt or dried grass from the mower, especially under the deck
  • Sharpen the cutting blade
  • Change the oil
  • Check filters and spark plug

5. Check the washing machine fill hose

This might seem small, but a leaking washing machine hose can cause major damage to your home. Check the hose a few times a year for small cracks that can potentially become leaks. If you find any, make sure to replace the hose ASAP.

While this is only a small list of spring home maintenance items to get started on, the list can become pretty extensive. Interested in learning more about the wide-world of home loans? Check out more of our blogs or call us at (877) 706-5856 for your home financing needs.

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