The homeowner’s checklist to a safe winter

Whether you just bought your home with an FHA Home loan, or you’re a seasoned homeowner determined to maintain your home’s value so you can refinance down the line, it’s the perfect time to start preparing for the changing season.

Re-stock your winter essentials

Do you live in an area with snow? Well then you know how that first winter storm can be! Take a quick trip to your local home improvement store so you don’t have to worry when that salt, ice and snow hit. Items to have handy? A snow blower, shovel or ice pick and tire chains!

Clear out your gutters and drains

If you aren’t afraid of heights and can scramble up a ladder, all the power to you! If not, it’s a good idea to hire someone to help you with this task. Making sure that gutters are clear and water is diverted will help prevent water damage in your basement and other areas of your home. It’s definitely worth the climb!

Fix any cracks in your walk way

Don’t wait until you trip on a crack in the slippery rain and snow to wish you fixed that pesky crack. And, while you’re at it, create a clear path so that when it comes time to shovel snow, you can thank yourself for thinking ahead.


Often times the best part of winter is watching it from inside your warm, toasty home. To ensure you stay warm, replace any worn weather stripping, fix any drafts coming through windows and doors, and think about investing in some insulated drapery to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Clean your Chimney

Both Santa and Mary Poppins would approve! It’s always a good idea to check your chimney for clean vents so when you go to light that fire, you aren’t smoked out!

Inspect your boiler and furnace

While the weather is still fair, it’s a good idea to tune up the furnace for when you need it on a chilly night.

Replace your old thermostat

If you have an older thermostat, it might be worth it to invest in an updated, programmable one to save on heating costs.

Remove any damaged trees

The weather doesn’t have to be very extreme to knock over a rotting tree or dangling limbs and cause you a big headache! Removing any potential dangers, ahead of time, is your best bet.

Cover all vents and openings

People aren’t the only ones trying to stay toasty this winter! Covering all vents and openings will prevent insects, birds, rodents, and other pests from getting inside and making a warm nest for themselves inside your walls.

Consider a generator

A generator is one of those things you might not think about until you really need it, and when you really need it, it’s usually at the least opportune moment to go out and buy one.

Check your roof

Replacing broken, loose, and missing shingles now will prevent leaks and damage from rain and melting snow later on.

Cover your patio furniture

It might mean the end of BBQ season, but you will thank yourself next spring for covering your outdoor furniture with heavy tarps, or storing them inside. They will be good as new and ready for use when it’s time to bust out the barbie!

Taking care of your home helps it keep its value, which is especially important when you’re ready to refinance. If you want more information about refinancing your home, one of our expert Mortgage Strategists would be happy to help! Give us a call – (877) 706-5856.

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